Buscheme ‘Busch’ Armbrister, the sole offspring of Judith Moxey Armbrister and David ‘Rusty’ Armbrister has established himself as a focused, determined businessman and mentor and hopes to bring those skills with him into a long political career. 

Armbrister has been a long-time advocate for the owners of small and medium businesses a platform he expects to continue as the candidate for the area focusing specifically on the creation of safe work environment, combatting crime and encouraging greater consumer protection and partnerships. 

Busch Armbrister completed his formal education as a student of the St. Thomas Moore Primary School and later St. Anne’s School in New Providence before seeking a tertiary degree in Computer Programming from the Florida Memorial University in the United States. 

Upon completion, Armbrister went on to procure his Airline Transport Pilots License from Tursair/Pelican Airways. Armbrister is currently employed at Western Air where he serves as Director of Training. He is also a partner in an Air Freight company TradeWinds Express Ltd and a partner in First Class Air Charters.

A Former Toast Master, Armbrister is a dynamic young businessman committed to a new type of politics, centred on accountability, the empowerment of youth and the protection of the elderly through the provision of affordable healthcare as well as improved living accommodations.

Having never considered himself suited to a life of public service, Armbrister made the decision at the start of 2015 to work to become more involved in the decision making processes that will propel the country forward and to that end ran as the DNA’s candidate for Carmichael in the 2017 General Elections. He was elected as the Deputy Leader of the Democratic National Alliance on February 22nd 2019.