A DNA Government will:


  • Drive down the cost of electricity by more than 50%, adding $18 million more dollars a month to the pockets of Bahamians.


  • Convert power generation at Clifton Pier to General Electric LM6000 Aero derivative Gas turbines within 3 months to dramatically reduce the kilowatt cost per hour and lower electricity bills for all Bahamian consumers.


  • Build out an international bi-directional HVDC submarine connector cable with the United States, as has been done in other countries, to purchase power directly from Florida. 


  • Commit to a target of 40% renewable power by 2027.


  • Design and construct a utility-grade Solar Power facility in Andros.


  • Pursue the legalization of a grid tie-in solar system for every Bahamian home and business.


  • Liberalize the oil import and export business in The Bahamas to allow petroleum dealers or users of oil and gas products to find their own best price supplier.



A DNA Government will:


  • Impose tougher penalties by doubling both the fine and prison term for persons that litter and dump garbage on our streets and lots. 


  • Initiate a “Green-Call Alert” system that will allow private citizens to call a hotline to report persons that are dumping and littering on our streets, particularly if evidence can be produced in the form of photographs or video recordings.  


  • Undertake a fruit-tree planting drive and make an effort to plant fruit trees in all public parks.


  • Categorize goods for import and export to The Bahamas on their environmental friendly ratings.


  • Give rewards for the notification, capture and conviction of persons found littering and dumping.


  • Implement stricter guidelines for the collection and disposal of bio-hazardous waste. 


  • Erect a new waste disposal facility that will be dedicated to the destruction of particularly harmful chemical and biological waste. 


  • Transform the public landfill and develop a Waste-to-Energy Plant as a matter of priority.  


  • Make the remediation of the Nassau City Dump and public landfill a priority. 


  • Embark on a “Greening” campaign for areas that were once quarry filled lots, furnish sidewalks with greenery and make all public parks ‘greener’. 


  • Increase the environmental levy on petroleum dealers, and designate the revenue collected for the clean-up of oil and gas spills.


  • Create a cleaner environment at our oil transshipment points at Clifton Pier, New Providence, Inagua, and at Freeport, Grand Bahama.


  • Devise a Land Use Policy and zone areas for particular environmental and social use.


  • Lobby internationally for serious commitments on Climate Change policies from G-20 countries.


  • Implement a Coastal Zone Management and Preparedness Plan.

Natural Resources


A DNA Government will:


  • Undergo a comprehensive national diagnostic to identify our natural resources, how best to exploit them, and their competitive advantages.


  • Enact legislation that prohibits any company with less than 60% Bahamian ownership to export or mine any product classified as a natural resource. 


  • Establish a Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.


  • Transfer all taxes or profits from products classified as a natural resource into a Sovereign Wealth Fund. 


  • Responsibly grant licenses for the exploration, studies and development of Natural Resources in The Bahamas.

National Emergency Management & Disaster Preparedness


A DNA Government will:


  • Strengthen inter-agency partnerships with the Armed Services branches and create a National Corp of Engineers to assist during National Emergencies.


  • Partner with the University of The Bahamas and an International School of Engineering of note to systematically train Bahamian Engineers.


  • Modernize the National Emergency Management Agency to make it a response agency and not strictly a monitoring agency.


  • Procure and store equipment for Hurricane preparedness in the NEMA Offices so that they can have these items readily on hand.