Grand Bahama


A DNA Government will:


  • Move towards making Grand Bahama the Technology-Hub of the Western Hemisphere.


  • Open the island of Grand Bahama up to bidders that wish to develop a technology park and make the atmosphere suitable for the development of a technology park on the island of Grand Bahama.


  • Release the findings of the Mckinsey Report commissioned on the viability of the Grand Bahama Port Authority and work quickly on the most viable portions with due haste. 


  • Create a Grand Bahama Investment desk in the Bahamas Investment Authority to make investment applications for Grand Bahama easier and more efficient. 


  • Move with haste to break the deadlock on hotel investments in Grand Bahama and move to find suitable buyers immediately.


  • Work with The Grand Bahama Port Authority in ensuring they develop Grand Bahama as per their mandate in the Hawksbill Creek Agreement. 


  • Work with other agencies in Grand Bahama to create other economic zones for the island.


  • Strengthen Grand Bahama’s tourism product in West and East Grand Bahama.


  • Better promote Grand Bahama as a tourist destination with a viable plan for a resort hotel and a thriving second home market.


  • Create a cruise ship port in Hepburn Town, West Grand Bahama which will also accommodate domestic mail boat transport.


  • Create a cultural centre where residents can take advantage of the many entrepreneurial opportunities that will abound through tourist activities and spin-off products.


  • Re-establish a movie and related business industry (film, sound, editing, production, distribution warehouses, etc.)


  • Create a renewable energy park for the manufacturing of renewable energy equipment such as Wind Turbines and Solar Panels at King’s Cove.

Family Island Development


A DNA Government will:


  • Move the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources to the island of Andros and maintain a strictly relay base on the island of New Providence. 


  • Move the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation to the island of Grand Bahama and maintain a relay base on New Providence to facilitate communications between North Andros and central Government.


  • Create and house the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources on the Island of Inagua with a small relay base on New Providence.


  • Make the Inagua base of The Royal Bahamas Defence Force a fully functional headquarters for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. 


  • Create a transport and transshipment hub on the island of Mayaguana to service the needs of the Southern islands more readily.