“Social justice is our shared obligation to identify and to meet the needs of our society.”

Christopher Mortimer


A DNA Government will:


  • Undergo a thorough public audit of the Public Hospital Authority, their management practices, spending, procurement and human resources so as to eliminate all wasteful practices and hold persons accountable. 


  • Change the purchasing, storage and dispensation model of prescription drugs in the public hospital. 


  • Devise and commit to a purchasing plan that will see the phased upgrade of 50 percent of diagnostic and specialized treatment equipment in the first two years after taking office, based on current financial projections on current budget estimates. 


  • Provide trauma certification for all healthcare practitioners stationed in the Family Islands.


  • Increase the level of first-aid certification in the public schools for senior high school students.


  • Initiate a healthcare education and information program, with prime focuses on preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, information on preventative health care lifestyles and home diagnostic checks for cancer related illnesses.


  • Transform the South Beach Clinic into a mini-hospital equipped with an emergency and trauma centre along with 100 bed spaces. The new establishment will be equipped with the latest technology and specialized equipment, with options for expansion into a new hospital over the next 4 years. 


  • Build and staff mini-hospitals on Eleuthera, Exuma, Andros and Inagua.


  • Increase the hardship allowance for medical professionals that are relocated to the Family Islands.


  • Implement a Universal Healthcare Coverage Programme financed by an additional 3% payroll tax.


  • Ensure both public and private participation in the management and administration of the new Universal Healthcare Programme.


  • Increase the amount of facilities for medical treatment.


  • Amend the National Health Insurance Act to facilitate our Universal Healthcare Programme.


  • Provide Family Islanders with subsidies for travel to New Providence through the Programme.

How the Universal Healthcare Programme will work


  • Basic care with the clinics and hospitals will remain free as they are now. 


  • Persons will be allowed to keep their current insurance provider and be allowed to top up to a premium benefits package based on their income bracket and the amount they are willing to pay extra. 


  • A mandatory 3% payroll tax or “Healthcare tax” on all able-bodied citizens of The Bahamas will be initialized to begin the funding of the Programme. This standard bracket, will cover basic care and minor operations, including minor dental, for all Bahamians.


  • The option for a voluntary increase of the 5% to 7% Healthcare Tax Rate for persons that want to take advantage of the premium, top-up package, will be made available.


  • The Healthcare Programme will be co-administered via a public-private partnership/Healthcare Council with the insurance industry and the government both spearheading this effort. 


  • The Healthcare Council will have a mandate to cut administrative costs in the hospital system, increase and monitor efficiency rates, and manage the procurement system of supplies for our public clinics and hospitals. 


  • A registry of private physicians will be kept and persons will have the ability to choose the physician of their choice if they do not want a public care physician. 


  • The Healthcare tax will be earmarked primarily for the purchasing of medication, the upgrading of medical supplies and equipment and the satisfying of claims to insurance companies and private physicians. 

Social Policy


A DNA Government will:


  • Increase efficiency by continuing the computerisation and managerial upgrade process of the Social Services Department.


  • Strengthen and enforce domestic abuse laws and increase the penalties for domestic abuse convictions. 


  • Amend the Sexual Offences Act to insert stronger language to the section on Spousal Rape to include language that speaks to the inflicting of pain and/or physical trauma on a spouse. 


  • Provide stronger legislation more strongly holds neglectful parents and guardians to account. 


  • Increase facilities for family planning and family life training for parents and interested persons. 


  • Increase our distance care services to provide persons with disabilities and special needs long-distance care with regard to online-therapy and tele therapy.


  • Support the International Convention on the Rights of the Disabled and enshrine such in legislation.


  • Oppose discrimination based on sex, race, creed, disability or colour and remove discrimination laws from our legislative framework. 


  • Make the benefits system a fully means tested system where approvals are given automatically without veto. 


  • Open a new Social Services Centre to better manage foot traffic and assist persons in need.


  • Create legislation that will allow persons to supplement their basic government pension to a premium pension package with a defined benefits scheme. 


  • Provide subsidies to education and job placement assistance for persons with physical challenges and impairments.


  • Enact Marco’s Law and provide for the stiffest penalties for child sex offenders and implement a Sex Offenders Registry.  


  • Implement a Social Help Desk at every police station to complement the work being done within Urban Renewal Centres.


  • Expand Day Care and Evening Care facilities for parents who are Welfare Recipients, or for parents who are designated as “at risk” families.


  • Increase the sentencing requirement for persons found guilty of Voyeurism and/or the illegal recording of individuals in sex acts from three years to 7 years for adults and 15 years for minors.


  • Work with law enforcement and social media partners to find the origins of distributed sexually explicit content and increase the penalties for those found at the point of origin.


  • Provide Churches with increased subsidies to assist with driving key social programs that promote healthy lifestyles.


  • Increase subsidies, provide more technical assistance for and increase training to private care facilities that focus on drug treatment, drug prevention and mental health therapy.


  • Increase the benefits of Old Age pensioners by 20% of the current amount across the board.