Omar Bradley Smith attended Queen’s College, St. Paul’s (Freeport) and St. John’s College until 1984. He was then afforded the privilege of going to Toronto, Canada to complete his high school education at the prestigious Forest Hill Collegiate Institute where he participated in many extra curricular activities such as skiing, track and field and basketball. Upon graduating from Forest Hill; Omar decided to stay in Toronto to continue his post secondary education at York University where he majored and attained his degree in International Politics and Economics. While at York, Omar led a political movement which successfully challenged the administration of the school to deal with the racist’s attitudes and actions of the campus security. More importantly, they demanded through peaceful demonstrations that the administration hire more visible minority Professors and that changes be made to the curriculum to reflect the true ethnic diversity of the school. Those demands were achieved. This experience shaped Omar’s vision of what the world was like and how he was going to deal with it in the future.

After graduating in 1992, Omar pursued a law degree at University of London, England but came to the realization that business and not law was his true passion. He returned to Toronto and joined the marketing firm of Thompson Lightstone. Omar went on to further his experience with the Dorothy Millman Marketing and Associates firm. After distinguishing himself at these firms, Omar decided it was time to return home to the Bahamas and begin his first business, Ace Fencing and Builders. Since then Omar has formed other businesses including Bahamas Hardware where he served as C.E.O.

Mr. Smith is currently is the president of Global Industries which does extensive business in Asia and The Bahamas, their operations have opened many opportunities for other Bahamians to benefit from this emerging market. He was a member of the Bahamas Democratic Movement since 2000 and served as the Deputy Leader of the Party, having contested the 2002 general election in the Golden Gates constituency and also the 2007 election in Bamboo Town.

Omar has proved himself to be a courageous, passionate and dynamic agent for change on numerous issues and on behalf of many Bahamians from the Bahamas Trucking Association, Bahamas Stevedore Association, and the Sea Hauler victims. For over a decade he has been actively involved as a coach in little league baseball as an avenue to mentor young men. He has served on a number of boards including serving as First Vice President of The Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association. 

On March 4th 2019 Omar was elected National Chairman of the Democratic National Alliance. Omar has been married to Roseanne Smith for 28 years. They have five children, Gillian 29, Kyazi 25, Zion 21, Afrika 18 and Omar Jr. 9 .