The Culture of Corruption at BPL

Wednesday’s headlines surrounding the management and issuance of contracts at Bahamas Power & Light are just the latest in a string of revelations which have come out of BPL this year; and while we continue to be appalled by the obvious mismanagement and abuse of processes at the company, The Democratic National Alliance is not surprised. Multiple audits of the goings on at BPL have uncovered a culture of theft and corruption which has persisted across multiple administrations. Sadly, those allegedly responsible continue to avoid justice leaving the Bahamian people holding the bag.

While politicians, their friends, family members, and cronies have allegedly lined their pockets with millions made from backroom deals and lucrative contracts, WE THE PEOPLE have been left to bear the burden of a broken system and exorbitant bills. Under the oversight of successive administrations BPL has devolved into nothing more than a breeding ground for unsavory characters who have robbed the company blind and all but crippled our electricity grid.

The DNA again calls on the government to table its promised compendium of anti-corruption laws. Coupled with a whistleblower’s act and fully enacted Freedom of Information legislation, BPL and the country as a whole can finally move away from the CULTURE OF CORRUPTION which has kept us stagnant for decades.

Christopher Mortimer
DNA Interim Leader