The Way Forward

Today, the Democratic National Alliance marks 6 years of service to the people of this beautiful country. Since our inception, the DNA has worked to be an advocate for ALL Bahamians to ensure the government of the day puts the needs and aspirations of our people ahead of their own. We have been committed to upholding, protecting, and deepening the democratic Rule of Law in by promoting openness and accountability in governmental affairs, social justice and equality, so that generations of Bahamians born and unborn can reap the benefits of effective and transformative governance.

On this anniversary, we once again find ourselves on the outside of our parliamentary democracy having conceded defeat in the 2017 general elections for the second time since we started this journey in November of 2011. Let me first begin by offering heartfelt congratulations to Prime Minister Hubert Minnis for a resounding victory at the Polls. I wish he, and his new administration great success over the next five years. It is my hope that they can live up to the mandate given to them by the people of this country and truly create better lives for all Bahamians.

Secondly, I would like to thank all Bahamians who came out to exercise their constitutional right to vote, and congratulate our beautiful country on once again going through the process without violence.

And finally, I would like to personally thank the hundreds of Bahamians who stood with the DNA then, and now. Your unwavering support, even in difficult times has been the glue that has kept this organization together. I thank you for believing in the dream of the DNA and for making the often-unpopular choice to be different. You have affirmed my belief that a third party can and will have a place in our country’s political story. Have we always gotten it right? Perhaps not, but Bahamians can be certain that every action, every plan and every policy position taken by the Democratic National Alliance has been in pursuit of an ideal which I believe most Bahamians believe in.

Now, we move forward. The people have spoken through your showing at the polls. Bahamians have made their choice and as leader of the DNA, I fully accept and respect that decision. Our defeat however does not mean that the DNA will fold. The men and women who form this organization continue to believe in the unending potential of our people and will continue to hold this government accountable for the promises they made to you. In the coming weeks, months and years Bahamians who have supported us, and those continuing to seek a viable alternative to our current two party system will witness a re-engineering of our organization in order to become the kind of real change which Bahamians demand and deserve!


Branville McCartney

DNA Leader