We Finally Know Whose Time It Is!

In a week marred by unprecedented reports of layoffs across both the public and private sector; during the worst economic crisis our country has ever seen and at a time when Bahamians are experiencing suffering at an exponential level PM Dr. Hubert Minnis has put the country on noticed that members of his government will receive pay increases during the next budget.

Not only were the PM’s comments, sickening and tone deaf, but they wreak of hypocrisy and prove once and for all that Dr. Minnis is a far cry from the transformative leader he wishes us to think he is. Bahamians might recall that while in opposition in 2014, the Killarney MP told the media that if voted into office, he would not support any pay increase in light of the pain and suffering experienced by Bahamians. Now, just 6 months into his term in office, he is singing a different tune? Clearly when the PM said it was the people’s time he was referring to members of his government and NOT the wider voting public.

What rationale can the PM possibly use to justify this action? How could this administration, after stripping so many Bahamians of their dignity think a raise for MP’s would be the appropriate way forward and what, if anything has this administration done to deserve a pay increase?

There is no justification. IT CANNOT BE RIGHT!

Christopher Mortimer
DNA Interim Leader