DNA and Country prays for Dr. Nottage’s Recovery

The Democratic National Alliance like Bahamians around the country was disheartened to hear of the grave illness of the country’s former National Security Minister, Dr. Bernard Nottage. Having served in public life for much of his adulthood, there is no question about the contributions Dr. Nottage has made to the country both in the fields of Medicine and Politics.
Equally distressing however was apparent swiftness with which some among us were prepared to send the good doctor to an early grave. The rumors of his alleged passing spread like wildfire across social media – a reality which could not have been easy for his friends, family and loved ones.

As the country continues to pray for his continued recovery, may we also be mindful that despite his role as a public figure, he like all of us is still a human being, entitled to the same level of respect and privacy during what is undoubtedly a very difficult time.

Christopher Mortimer
DNA Deputy Leader