Political Games vs. Hurting Bahamians

I, like the rest of the country was disgusted by the display of our country’s elected officials in the halls of Parliament on Wednesday. The hallowed halls of democracy became nothing more than a sandbox fight between two petulant, childish “political gangs”. In addition to an all-out assault on our democratic process we, as a people witnessed the day that our duly elected officials abandoned their duties in favor of participation in a petty political soap opera, to which the world had a front row seat. But we’ve seen this before in the last PLP administration. More evidence which confirms what the DNA said in the run up to the last election. They are two sides of the same coin.

It was indeed disheartening to see that at this important time in our country’s development, the fragile egos of the men and women elected to carry out the business of the people have superseded the mandate given to them by the electorate. At this most critical point in our country’s development; at a time where the issues facing our country have never been more dire, Parliamentarians spent hours of “The People’s Time” engaged in petty unproductive political games instead of effecting policy to uplift hurting Bahamians. We have yet to hear about concrete plans to handle the things that matter:-

i. High Unemployment
ii Stagnant Economy
iii Disappearing Banking Sector
iv Inadequate Educational System
v. The Burning Dump

The list continues. We, however, got our fill of the sickening banter from those persons entrusted with the title of Honorable. In a competition between Political Games and Hurting Bahamians, it seems hurting Bahamians lose out.

In the face of enormous challenges, Former US President Barack Obama once referred to democracy as a garden that needed to be tended to, or things would “fall apart quickly”. On Wednesday, our country got a peek into just how quickly things could fall apart. Especially when those men and women elected to serve, choose to engage in partisan political games.

The Democratic National Alliance again calls on our nation’s leaders to set aside their own egos, abandon petty politics and get back to the business of tending our country’s democratic garden. The fate of our nation depends on it.

Christopher Mortimer
DNA Interim Leader