DNA Youth Arm back to school message 2019/20

Dear Students,

It's officially that time of the year again. The beginning of a new school year.

We, the youth arm of the DNA pray that you receive the best education that your dedicated and determined teachers are preparing to offer you this new 2019-2020 school semester. This should not just be the dawning of a new school year, but a commitment by you to improve over last year and be the best you that you can be. It is our wish that you be very attentive to what lessons your teacher is teaching. Remember if you don't understand something, ask questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question!

The Young Democrats Alliance encourages parents to embrace their responsibility and be supportive and involved in inspiring the growth and development of their children to ensure they achieve their very best this semester.

There's a lot of excitement ahead of you, including new teachers to meet, new books to read, new friends to meet and new skills to master, and we look forward to you sharing in those exciting times.

 The Young Democrats Alliance wants to encourage you to fully make a difference. We urge you to take this time to set your goals and aspirations that you want to accomplish this school semester and as you accomplish them put a check to it to mark your progress.

Continue to strive for success and soar higher than an eagle because the time is now to be great. 

Laron G. Moxey

YDA President

Congratulations Graduating Class Of 2019

Dear Graduates Of 2019,

Extending Congratulations to each and every one of you on completing another milestone in your life. I understand the many obstacles you overcame these past years to be here today. I share your pride in the accomplishments of our graduating students and your joy at the prospects that lie ahead.

After going through the process of learning, studying for tests and persevering in reaching this stage in your lives, congratulate yourselves, graduates for reaching this goal. And I congratulate you as well.But as you may know by now, this is truly a journey and not just a destination. The path to success that you’ve started to build does not end here but rather, moves to a different dimension.

Let’s stay focus for the road ahead won’t be easy. We will stumble along the way, but our failures or mistakes are meant for us to learn from and become better. And as you build your path, keep believing in yourselves for you are capable in turning any dream of success in your life into a reality.

Once again Congratulations Class Of 2019.

Laron G Moxey

Young Democrats Alliance


DNA Stands in Solidarity with Teachers

  • Bahamian youth must be at center of government policies

  • Government reactive rather than proactive on public education system

  • Teachers are valued professionals

  • Epidemic of violence in certain schools must be addressed

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is of the belief that the future prosperity of The Bahamas hinges on the education and economic empowerment of our people. It is our position that the Bahamian youth must be at the center of government policies, initiatives and programs. Our education system cannot be tainted by politics or a reluctance to implement a real governance platform.


We are calling on all school administrators, especially those within the public sector to stand up for their teachers and ensure that all rules are enforced. The requisite focus must be placed on ensuring that there are no compromises in the application of rules and regulations within our education system.


Individuals familiar with the educational system are aware of the challenges faced daily by our hardworking educators. It is extremely difficult to work in conditions where teachers are constantly looking over their shoulders in fear or being blatantly disrespected in their classrooms. Teachers are weary of this situation and there is a level of frustration with the lack of attention to this matter. 


The approach to matters confronting us within the public education system has been reactive rather than proactive. It is unfortunate that issues that could be addressed right away are being swept under the rug until the matter becomes more serious. This is not the type of position or environment that is needed. Administrators must always be proactive and intentional in reforming the system. 


Teachers are one of the most valued professionals in any country and The Bahamas should not be an exception. They work tirelessly by going above and beyond albeit they are not adequately paid as they continue to positively impact and prepare the next generation of Bahamians. 


The DNA calls on the Minister of Education to get involved. Meet with the teachers of the SC McPherson Junior High School. We salute them for standing in solidarity to protest a system and environment that hinder effective learning. 


For too long, the Bahamas Union of Teachers has spoken about an epidemic of violence in certain schools. Evidently, nothing tangible is being done and their needs are not being met! It is time for the Minister along with the Ministry of Education to bring about plans that counter violence in schools. Legislation must be put in place to make serious actions punishable by imprisonment and granting school authorities to permanently expel violent students. 


If we don’t act decisively with a strong hand to prevent these matters, we will constantly see issues like this and more resurfacing. 


Dr. Matheo J. Smith 

DNA Spokesperson for Education

Government must deliver on promised free tuition

  • Youth education must be paramount

  • FNM continues to disappoint Bahamian youth

  • No relief in sight with 15% UB tuition fee hike

  • Mixed messages from PM and Minister

  • Government must get priorities right

The recent announcement by the President of the University of The Bahamas (UB) that tuition fees will be increasing beginning in the Fall of 2019 took many by surprise.  Additionally, the revelations that the costs for attending UB were up to approximately $30k for a UB student were also startling. Many were alarmed by the President’s announcement considering the fact that the Prime Minister had on many occasions promised that tuition at UB would be free for Bahamian students – a campaign promise which the current administration has failed to deliver on.

It is imperative that our societal leaders craft policies and programs that will create a path that is clear to the middle class for Bahamians from all walks of life to ensure our nation's economic prosperity. This entails opening the doors of higher education to more Bahamians in the best way possible by ensuring access and affordability.

Today, three-quarters of the fastest-growing occupations require education and training beyond a high school diploma. Yet almost half the students who begin tertiary level education in this country do not finish within four to six years. The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has noted the recent report that the University of The Bahamas will implement a tuition hike for the 2019 fall semester for new entrants.

While we empathize with UB’s plight and the financial challenges that the institution faces, we believe that this proposed 15% increase will further put tertiary level education out of the reach for the very families that need it most and further disenfranchise Bahamian youth. Higher education should no longer be a luxury for the privileged few but a necessity if our young people are to be positioned for competing in the global economy.

Even more perplexing are the mixed messages and lack of coordination within the government. The Prime Minister and Minister of Education seem to be on different pages on the timing and details of the free tuition initiative promised by the Free National Movement (FNM). According to media reports, the Minister threw the PM under the proverbial bus when questioned about the disparity between the PM’s announcement and UB’s planned fee increase.

A visionary Bahamian government should be committed to restoring and enhancing our world leadership in college completion and ensuring that every student who choose to take advantage has access to an affordable and high-quality postsecondary education. Students everywhere, including many older students juggling work and family responsibilities recognize that higher education is essential to increased opportunities and that fact has fueled a substantial increase in college enrollment rates in recent years.

The FNM like its predecessor has failed to prioritize the education of our youth. Specifically, the current administration is not delivering on its promise that guaranteed, “free tuition to every qualifying Bahamian.” Prospective college students are often priced out of the education they need to set themselves up for future success while recent college graduates continue to feel the weight of their student loan payments holding them back from fulfilling their full potential.

We submit that this is no time to raise any tuition fees for students if we are aiming to create a sustainable economy with equal opportunity for all Bahamians. The DNA calls on the government to live up to its promises and make college affordable for every Bahamian without further delay.

Now more than ever, tertiary level education remains the greatest driver of socioeconomic mobility in The Bahamas, but if we don't do more to keep it within reach for low and middle class families and those striving to get into the middle class, it could have the opposite effects; serving as a barrier, instead of as a ticket to a brighter future for all.

We encourage this Government to reverse a quarter-century-long trend of disinvestment in higher education, promote reforms to support student success and embrace their role in overseeing institutions. For far too long, the government has focused almost exclusively on inputs enrolling students in college to say that there is an increased enrollment, but they focus little on outcomes which is graduating from college with high quality degrees.

It is time to reset the incentives that underpin the system to focus on meaningful outcomes. We cannot continue to fund an unsustainable status quo.

Dr. Matheo J. Smith

DNA Spokesperson for Education