Congratulations Graduating Class Of 2019

Dear Graduates Of 2019,

Extending Congratulations to each and every one of you on completing another milestone in your life. I understand the many obstacles you overcame these past years to be here today. I share your pride in the accomplishments of our graduating students and your joy at the prospects that lie ahead.

After going through the process of learning, studying for tests and persevering in reaching this stage in your lives, congratulate yourselves, graduates for reaching this goal. And I congratulate you as well.But as you may know by now, this is truly a journey and not just a destination. The path to success that you’ve started to build does not end here but rather, moves to a different dimension.

Let’s stay focus for the road ahead won’t be easy. We will stumble along the way, but our failures or mistakes are meant for us to learn from and become better. And as you build your path, keep believing in yourselves for you are capable in turning any dream of success in your life into a reality.

Once again Congratulations Class Of 2019.

Laron G Moxey

Young Democrats Alliance