Happy Father's Day!

My fellow Bahamians


Today, all across the globe, the world is pausing to celebrate fathers. Whether you call him Dad, Daddy, or Papa. Fathers are invaluable.  Our fathers are our providers and our playmates. They are our teachers, our disciplinarians, and our friends. Most of all they are our protectors; the first line of defense in preserving the family structure which forms the very foundation of our communities and our country.   Now more than ever, fathers play a vital role in the development of their children, and, like many of you, I take my responsibilities as a father very seriously.

In a world which is filled with distractions, it is the duty of Fathers to raise their children. This duty goes far beyond just physical or financial care. It means being present in the lives of your young ones. It means being there for every triumph, and every failure. It means providing encouragement and preparing them to become fully functioning members of society.

This Fathers Day I join the nation in saluting the men, who continue to step up to the plate. Equally important, are father figures. The men who step in where others are absent. They are community leaders, teachers, pastors, coaches, uncles and brothers. On this day we applaud your efforts as well.

There is a famed quote by Frank Pitman which says: Fathering is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man. That said,  I would also like to encourage Fathers and Fathers to be to find the strength and the courage to become a man perfected by the trials of fatherhood.

On behalf of the Democratic National Alliance and from my family to yours. I wish you all a happy fathers’ day.



Buscheme Armbrister

Deputy Leader

Democratic National Alliance