Stop the political drama on Hurricane Dorian

* Government must accept constructive criticisms

* Arrogance and grandstanding not helpful

* Knee-jerk reactions and adhoc decisions compounding issues

* PM’s focus on elections is misplaced and insensitive

More than one month after the passage of Hurricane Dorian, it is obvious that the Prime Minister and his crew have learned little from the government’s failures and shortcomings. While the focus should have been on increasing our resilience as a nation, the PM led the House of Assembly in a session that shamefully reduced the parliamentary caucus to a circus while threatening to use unparliamentary language.

In the aftermath of the storm, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) urged the government to develop a comprehensive restoration plan rather than engage in knee-jerk reactions and making adhoc decisions. We took the government to task on the mismanagement of the immediate response and evacuation. More importantly, the government was admonished to uphold the rule of law in addressing immigration matters. The PM’s dramatic kicking down of a door to suggest that he is now serious about dealing with shantytowns was lame and amounted to nothing more than posturing.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly stated that politics must be put aside and we must all work together to rebuild our devastated islands. The hypocrisy of the PM who criticized the PLP’s response to Hurricane Matthew as Leader of the Official Opposition is astonishing. However, it is his divisive actions and words following the storm that is more concerning.

While Bahamians are suffering and many are trying to put pieces of their lives back together, the PM’s focus at this time is on securing a second term in office. He is counting his proverbial eggs before they hatch forgetting that the general elections is the last thing on the minds of many who have lost loved ones and all that they possessed. For his shameless comments in the People’s House this week, this Prime Minister will go down in history as perhaps the most divisive, polarizing and vindictive leader whose only selfish motivation is being Prime Minister. Prime Minister Minnis arrogantly governs as if it is all about him and his band of merryman having little or no regard for opposition parties and their leadership, Independents and sadly supporters of his very own FNM Party.

We urge the government to stop playing lip service to collaboration and unifying the Bahamian people. The PM must accept constructive criticisms from the people knowing that our collective efforts are required to rebuild a nation scarred by the destruction of Hurricane Dorian. This is not the time for arrogance and grandstanding. It is time to get on with the business of the Bahamian people and present a comprehensive disaster risk management plan for the country. The DNA will present its plan in the coming days and we are hopeful that they will accept our recommendations.

The time to weigh the FNM and PLP in the balance for the manner in which they have governed our nation will come at the polls. The PM can rest assured that the people will send a sound and clear message at that time. In the meantime, we say: do what you were elected to do and govern in the best interest of the Bahamian people. Spare us the drama and pontification.

Arinthia S. Komolafe


Democratic National Alliance