Back To School

DNA Youth Arm back to school message 2019/20

Dear Students,

It's officially that time of the year again. The beginning of a new school year.

We, the youth arm of the DNA pray that you receive the best education that your dedicated and determined teachers are preparing to offer you this new 2019-2020 school semester. This should not just be the dawning of a new school year, but a commitment by you to improve over last year and be the best you that you can be. It is our wish that you be very attentive to what lessons your teacher is teaching. Remember if you don't understand something, ask questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question!

The Young Democrats Alliance encourages parents to embrace their responsibility and be supportive and involved in inspiring the growth and development of their children to ensure they achieve their very best this semester.

There's a lot of excitement ahead of you, including new teachers to meet, new books to read, new friends to meet and new skills to master, and we look forward to you sharing in those exciting times.

 The Young Democrats Alliance wants to encourage you to fully make a difference. We urge you to take this time to set your goals and aspirations that you want to accomplish this school semester and as you accomplish them put a check to it to mark your progress.

Continue to strive for success and soar higher than an eagle because the time is now to be great. 

Laron G. Moxey

YDA President