Tit for tat Politics in The Bahamas Must End!

  • FNM governing for special interest and supporters

  • FNM and PLP have perfected art of victimization

  • Political tribalism is a threat to our democracy

  • DNA is the only hope for change

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has followed with much disappointment, the degradation of the public debate in our nation.

After campaigning on transparency, accountability and meritocracy, the Free National Movement (FNM) government has been a colossal failure on all three grounds. They have failed to bring an end to nepotism, cronyism and political victimization.

The current administration like its predecessor has continued to divide our nation based on party colors and create a hostile environment among the citizenry. We have witnessed the termination of contracts within the public service only for new positions with higher remuneration to be created for party loyalists.

In particular, it has been obvious to all Bahamians that the FNM remains a party for the wealthy and special interest groups. FNM party loyalists are beneficiaries of the crumbs from the proverbial national pie while the rest of the country suffers under a government that has increased the tax burden on the vulnerable.

The DNA believes that succession planning is essential for continuity and stability in leadership. A properly planned process will not only reward success and empower the youth, it will also ensure that persons that have served our nation are treated with dignity and respect. Regrettably, the process has not been transparent, fair and unbiased to all parties involved. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

The political tribalism perpetuated by the FNM and Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) over the years is a threat to our democracy. It is simply unacceptable for a government not to address the obvious flaws in its approach to the termination and retirement of long serving Bahamians within the public service and uniformed branches.

The government continues to remind the Bahamian people that the retirement age is 65 with an option for early retirement at the age of 60. All individuals serving the nation should not be exempt from an established rule that has been used as justification for letting select individuals go. It is our expectation that this rule will be applied straight across the board without fear or favor. The Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues should lead by example by tendering their resignations once they attain the retirement age.

The Bahamian people have come to realize that true change and equal opportunity for all of our people can only be achieved under a DNA government. We will implement a system that rewards hard work, professional development, innovation and initiative regardless of political affiliation. The DNA will not be governed by special interest groups and political financiers.

We implore all patriotic Bahamians in the uniformed branches, public service, civil society and the private sector to join us in the fight to end political favoritism, tribalism, victimization and indignity instituted by the PLP and FNM.

Arinthia S. Komolafe, Leader

Democratic National Alliance