Setting the Tone on Marijuana

The past 24 hours has seen social media explode with public opinion regarding the possible decriminalization of marijuana in the Bahamas. The chatter comes ahead of a planned CARICOM sponsored meeting designed to obtain information on the social, economic, health and legal issues related to marijuana use and gauge regional opinions on this global issue. While it should be noted that the Democratic National Alliance has been clear on its position, we remain concerned however, that the country’s current leadership has not made its position clear – a reality which paves the way for the narrative on this issue to be written for us.

Now is the time for this administration to clearly articulate a formal position and open the debate so that the Bahamian electorate may have its say on the way forward. Failure to do so, will see our collective voices drowned out of the discussion. This would be a travesty. Rather than allowing external forces to dictate the way forward on this matter, we have the opportunity now to set the tone on this issue and take the kind of action that is most beneficial for the Bahamas and its development.

The DNA encourages the government not to take a backseat approach to this issue but rather to do the necessary legwork to ensure that the will of the people is done.

Christopher Mortimer
DNA Interim Leader