DNA Youth Arm back to school message 2019/20

Dear Students,

It's officially that time of the year again. The beginning of a new school year.

We, the youth arm of the DNA pray that you receive the best education that your dedicated and determined teachers are preparing to offer you this new 2019-2020 school semester. This should not just be the dawning of a new school year, but a commitment by you to improve over last year and be the best you that you can be. It is our wish that you be very attentive to what lessons your teacher is teaching. Remember if you don't understand something, ask questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question!

The Young Democrats Alliance encourages parents to embrace their responsibility and be supportive and involved in inspiring the growth and development of their children to ensure they achieve their very best this semester.

There's a lot of excitement ahead of you, including new teachers to meet, new books to read, new friends to meet and new skills to master, and we look forward to you sharing in those exciting times.

 The Young Democrats Alliance wants to encourage you to fully make a difference. We urge you to take this time to set your goals and aspirations that you want to accomplish this school semester and as you accomplish them put a check to it to mark your progress.

Continue to strive for success and soar higher than an eagle because the time is now to be great. 

Laron G. Moxey

YDA President

DNA Stands in Solidarity with Teachers

  • Bahamian youth must be at center of government policies

  • Government reactive rather than proactive on public education system

  • Teachers are valued professionals

  • Epidemic of violence in certain schools must be addressed

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is of the belief that the future prosperity of The Bahamas hinges on the education and economic empowerment of our people. It is our position that the Bahamian youth must be at the center of government policies, initiatives and programs. Our education system cannot be tainted by politics or a reluctance to implement a real governance platform.


We are calling on all school administrators, especially those within the public sector to stand up for their teachers and ensure that all rules are enforced. The requisite focus must be placed on ensuring that there are no compromises in the application of rules and regulations within our education system.


Individuals familiar with the educational system are aware of the challenges faced daily by our hardworking educators. It is extremely difficult to work in conditions where teachers are constantly looking over their shoulders in fear or being blatantly disrespected in their classrooms. Teachers are weary of this situation and there is a level of frustration with the lack of attention to this matter. 


The approach to matters confronting us within the public education system has been reactive rather than proactive. It is unfortunate that issues that could be addressed right away are being swept under the rug until the matter becomes more serious. This is not the type of position or environment that is needed. Administrators must always be proactive and intentional in reforming the system. 


Teachers are one of the most valued professionals in any country and The Bahamas should not be an exception. They work tirelessly by going above and beyond albeit they are not adequately paid as they continue to positively impact and prepare the next generation of Bahamians. 


The DNA calls on the Minister of Education to get involved. Meet with the teachers of the SC McPherson Junior High School. We salute them for standing in solidarity to protest a system and environment that hinder effective learning. 


For too long, the Bahamas Union of Teachers has spoken about an epidemic of violence in certain schools. Evidently, nothing tangible is being done and their needs are not being met! It is time for the Minister along with the Ministry of Education to bring about plans that counter violence in schools. Legislation must be put in place to make serious actions punishable by imprisonment and granting school authorities to permanently expel violent students. 


If we don’t act decisively with a strong hand to prevent these matters, we will constantly see issues like this and more resurfacing. 


Dr. Matheo J. Smith 

DNA Spokesperson for Education

YDA Laments T.A. Thompson Incident

The Young Democrats Alliance (YDA) is saddened by the recent violence at the T.A. Thompson Junior High School which resulted in the death of a student. Another promising life has been cut short by a senseless killing on our streets.

We wish to extend our sincere condolences to the parents, immediate and school family of the student that was fatally stabbed earlier today. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.

This unfortunate incident brings to mind a similar stabbing at the Doris Johnson High School some time ago and it is heartbreaking to see history repeating itself.

The YDA is appealing to the youth of our nation to drop their weapons and stop the killing. The future of our nation lies in the hands and collective effort of the youth. We are the ones that must take on the mantle of leadership and receive the baton of nation building for the sustenance of our commonwealth.

It is time for us as Bahamians to come together and address the menace of youth violence. The YDA is calling on both Ministers of Education and Youth & Sports to collaborate with the families of all murder victims to implement initiatives aimed at preventing further killings and stemming retaliation in our communities.

We must come together as community leaders and patriots to strengthen the communities. Every member of a community can make a difference and help prevent youth violence. We are calling on all Bahamians to:

  • Be a mentor, tutor or volunteer at schools or youth-serving organizations to guide youth and model non-violence;

  • Support the healthy development of all young people in the community; whether they are youth at more immediate risk for violence or youth who don’t show obvious signs of difficulties;

  • Provide meaningful and appropriate opportunities through businesses or social/civic groups so youth can develop their interests, skills, and talents;

  • Encourage our youth when they behave well and help them see the benefits of making good choices;

  • Take immediate action when youth violence occurs by letting young people know violence is never okay, coach them on how to resolve conflicts calmly and nonviolently, and involve other adults such as parents, teachers, or law enforcement in this process.

The YDA is calling on all those who love our country to come together regardless of our differences for a common good. This is indeed a call to action. The Democratic National Alliance is grieved by the level of youth violence in our nation and stands ready to lead the charge to stem this epidemic.

Laron G. Moxey

YDA President

Government disconnected from reality of Bahamian youth


  • Government silence on C.V. Bethel incident deafening,

  • Youth violence and rebellion merely symptoms,

  • Marginalization of young people must end,

  • Administration is disconnected from Bahamian youth reality,

  • Comprehensive and collaborative approach is needed

According to recent media reports, a teacher was allegedly assaulted by two male students on CV Bethel’s grounds resulting in the educator having to be rushed to the hospital.

We the Young Democrats Alliance (YDA), despise and condemn the use of violence in any matter by any segment of our society; particularly, we condemn the recent violent act at C.V. Bethel. It is our belief that any and all disputes should be resolved peacefully and amicably. In the days following the alleged attack, the government’s silence on this matter has been deafening.

This is disappointing and perpetuates the practice of ignoring matters impacting the youth of our nation. We submit that the C.V. Bethel incident is merely a symptom of a much larger and systemic issue crossing sectors and institutions in the Bahamian society. Violence and aggression are tools of those who lack the proper communicative and interpersonal skills to resolve conflict and differences. Violence and aggression are also the resources of the disenfranchised and those who feel they have no other recourse to difficult situations at hand.

Our educational system is in desperate need of a major overhaul. We require new and innovative ideas to advance not only learning but also how we socialize and develop students as holistic and productive members of society. In order to achieve this, we must cultivate an educational system that is safe, productive and innovative which translates into safer communities.

The alleged C.V. Bethel attack should serve as a wake-up call to our political leaders and the Bahamian people. The trend of rebellion and violence among our young people must be treated with the utmost urgency and importance lest we lose a generation.

It is time for the government to place specific focus on the plight of the Bahamian youth. The actions of the present administration suggest that priority is not being placed on the empowerment and inclusion of young people from an economic and governance perspective. This is reflected in the high youth unemployment rate of 23.1% and policies enacted to date which fail to address challenges that confront young people. These are clearly the evidence of disconnection from the reality and real struggles we face in our own country.

We need a collaborative and non-partisan approach which embraces input from educators, social workers, religious leaders, healthcare professionals, civil society and the public to address this menace. We must consider whether there is a need for more training for teachers on the psycho-social realities facing our youth and make the requisite resources available to young people facing trauma at home. Law enforcement agencies must also be sensitive to the needs of our young people rather than marginalizing and profiling them. The youth are the future of our Bahamaland, and we can no longer afford to ignore them.

The YDA stands ready as capable facilitators of the urgent change that needs to happen regarding the youth of our country. There is an undercurrent of disease and ambivalence towards an appropriate solution, our country’s leaders have stuck their heads in the sand and have yet to issue a release on this matter. How much longer would you have our students, our children, our future suffer in silence and only be noticed by tragic, immoral disingenuous cries of attention when they are so full of life, hope, potential and opportunity for a truly better and brighter Bahamas?

Laron G Moxey, President

Young Democrats Alliance