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A true son of the soil, J. Samuel Strachan born January 26, 1976 was the last child born to Joseph Cleveland and Zandrina Strachan (both deceased). Though the youngest of eight (8), he is lovingly thought of and often called the elder of the bunch!
Originally from Peter Street, Samuel was raised in the community of Yellow Elder Gardens.

A proud product of the public school system, Samuel attended the Government High School and was afforded the best national education and training available at the time. Samuel was also successful in being a part of the first recruitment exercise of the Technical Cadet Corps program where he was introduced to the exciting world of Broadcasting; leading him to his career degree in Broadcast Engineering - finally learning how to ‘fix tings’ instead of curiously tearing them apart!

He later moved into the technical world of computers and networking and now has earned numerous certifications in Computer Repair, Systems and Network Engineering. Samuel was invited to and served as a technical studies instructor for four years. Now full time in the IT industry, Samuel is happy to have demonstrated a life dedicated to living ‘The Servant Prayer’ by donating his time and expertise in assisting many schools on over eight (8) islands with their computer labs and other technical needs. He has also assisted many local charities. Samuel believes that giving back and paying it forward, should always be a way of life.

After losing his mother, Samuel decided not to curse the darkness but to light a candle and became a certified Emergency Medical Technician and now volunteers 20 hours a month with the local EMS service.

Samuel is married to Sharmane nee Taylor for 19 years and is the proud father of two wonderful young ladies –Shantel and D’Relle.
Aptly described as very patriotic, his passion and commitment to the betterment of this nation is why he accepted this "Clarion Call"! His mantra is... “Remove the word “CAN’T” from your vocabulary… Anything is possible”.

“I joined the political front because I KNOW I have something more than just lip service to offer my country and my fellow Bahamian. It’s time that we stand together and OWN our collective destiny" - Samuel